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Are you sad and forever alone? You need to Chat To A Potato.

Tell me about your life problems. We can chat about anything: loneliness, relationships, break-ups, friendships, gender identity, insecurities, confusion on sexuality, coming out, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, or any other challenges in life.

Free advice online, anonymous chat. 

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Why do I exist?

Because millennials need a potato

You are not alone in this world. I am a potato and I care about the humans. Even if you are feeling sad right now, know that this feeling is not permanent. We are in control and we can change how we feel. 

 I am a potato and I have a masters degree. I will brainwash you into happiness! 

Here is our menu. Enjoy your meal!


Chat to other humans     ——————————————————————————   $free   

Chat with the public about similar life problems. Visit our version 1 website ; chattoapotato.com


Ask potato a question    ————————————————————————  $free   

Short questions and short answers only (not instant replies, but hey it’s free!) ; m.me/chattoapotato

Chat To A Potato (one week guidance)    ————————————————    $9.99/wk   

One week of genuine guidance. Potato only accepts 5 humans a week, because the focus is on helping you ; 

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Chat To A Potato

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What humans say

"This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. All the 'hotlines' are alright. But they send you messages that sound pretyped and impersonal. Thanks for making this service, it's seriously really frigging cool"
Potato user/November 2017
A guy who was lost in life
"Thank you so much. My life is caving inward and I feel helpless, but you helped a little bit, at least for right now"
Potato user/November 2018
A girl who needed some comfort
"I am lucky to have you. You are one of the most helpful guys in my life"
Potato user/January 2019
A guy who needed a confidence boost
"Uhm, I just want to say that i'm alright and i've learned a lot from you. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate that. I'll try to open up to them when I can. I'll just keep moving forward and think positive"
Potato user/March 2019
A girl who was coming out to her family